1921 – 2021

Celebrating 100 years of the Young Communist League of Britain

Conquer Your Future!



The 100 Day Countdown

From 24 December 2020, we will be counting down 100 days towards the live launch of our 100 year celebrations, starting in April and reaching a finale in April 2022, and we would like to invite you to support us and get involved.

Throughout 2021, we will be celebrating our past in order to inspire new struggles in the present and the future.

YCL100 will be a year-long calendar of collective campaign work where we reach out to far more young people than ever before.

YCL100 will be a time to celebrate and fight for the dreams of youth in Britain.

Read more about it here.

The Youth Charter

The YCL’s Youth Charter is a set of policies to combat the immediate crisis faced by Britain’s youth and to offer some relief. The Charter isn’t a recipe for socialism. These policies can’t cure the underlying problems of capitalism but they would make a massive difference to the lives of the millions of young people in Britain today.

These aren’t just policies for the YCL – they can be translated into the thousands of struggles taking place every day in our schools, campuses, communities and workplaces.

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November 8, 2023

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